October 25, 2021

29 thoughts on “When you cheat too much in a Pokemon game

  1. haven't watched much jojo's but user manfred von karma in my discord (shoutout to you) suggested i try something with this. thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Not Pokémon, but my brother once dupe cheated on Oblivion so much that it caused a shop to always be locked, even when you started new games the shop was always locked.

  3. You know when a video is legendary:

    – It has a simple title

    – The video quality is garbage

    – Lasts for less than a minute

    – Has absolutly no context

    – Has millions of views

    – Its recommended by youtube

  4. The worst eggs are those which never hatch and cannot be released into the wild. Stuck forever with it unless you use another cheat to remove it.

  5. I cheated a lot in Gen 5 and ended up with an egg that had a pink smiley face and would react with "what?" after every step I made. Never hatched that one…


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