October 25, 2021

35 thoughts on “MLB doesn’t know how to punish players for cheating scandal – Jessica Mendoza | First Take

  1. Perhaps 10 Games per violation for all hitters who had a plate appearance in that game, so if they're cheating in 2 games that's a 20 game penalty. If in the playoffs then a 81 game penalty , again per violation. Pitchers should get 5 games per violation for not stopping it but only if they were in the game. (P – playoffs 40 games per violation) All individual awards that year are forfeited, if individual actively cheats. Division titles and other playoff titles stripped if done in the playoffs. Also forfeit the games where it occurred moving forward. It has to be a large penalty so that it wouldn't be beneficial to risk cheating in order to get it to stop. However, the different standards in the regular season vs playoffs allows you to fix the major problem while allowing those who were not chronic cheaters to be punished more compensatory to the event. (Currently, if a pitcher uses a Foreign Substances then he gets suspended for 10 games per violation)

  2. Hank Aaron said they should be banned for life. The pitchers might get a smaller punishment but they deserve something since they benefited with having a better supporting offense.

  3. i do not know this lady or watch baseball, but she makes no sense. just because you can CLAIM other teams are 'doing it as well' that means absolutely nothing. prove it. There is proof against the Astros. Video evidence, and they directly prospered from cheating. That title should be vacated.

    No amount of training can overcome a team that is cheating. It is not a game at that point anymore.

  4. Teams will continue to cheat until MLB has the brains to make the punishment so severe that it’s not worth cheating. If MLB took away the championship, take away 5 years of 1st round pick etc.

  5. There has to be a clause in theae guys contracts saying they can’t cheat? Like they cant be fined? I would fine them big time and bar the Astros from the playoffs for a few seasons that would hurt the organization in many ways and the players wearing those uniforms

  6. You cant punish anyteam cause In MLB it is hard to find laws and rules in the game of what you can and cant do. There are to many grey areas so legally MLB doesnt have a leg to stand on.

  7. Baseball doesn't punish anything bad properly! 10-day suspension? doesn't happen in football (soccer). Ever since Rio ferdinand got 8 months banned for forgetting to do his drugs test not testing positive sent a message that has never been forgotten. If these players show up for opening day still getting a salary I am done watching this former great sport!


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