October 25, 2021

3 thoughts on “Charles Woods, 49 WOODS II, CHARLES E 1600 Brittain Rd. Apt. 322 Akron, OH 44310 stalker pedophile

  1. TIMOTHY WAYNE FULLEN, 2342 EASTWOOD AVE. AKRON, OHIO 44305 stalker pedophile
    Charles e woods is a mentally ill pedophile on disability and gets on his ham radio and yells people personal info like ss numbers names and address and phone and describes the in side of homes he has been in ,,,he is very dangerous and should never be left alone with kids ,,he LOVES kids in THE BAD WAY and is a flaming homosexual that stalks kids and younger men …..when he dose not get his way he will stalk you and post on line lies and threats ,,,he has fire arms and is not aloud to have them since he is on disability for mental illness ..people should avoid this scum and remember he is a stalker and a danger !!!!!!!!!!!


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