November 28, 2021

46 thoughts on “10 Anti-Cheating Methods in School

  1. My daughters school has no cameras and the teacher is on her computer when on test and read the questions and let people go to toilet

  2. In my school for the exams we are not allowed to have watches and we have to keep our pencils and other items in a ziplock bag so that the ONE supervisor in the room can see what we have in the bag also we have to have a teacher or someone to bring us to the washroom, check the stall and then they let us go. I am in a separate room with 6 other people but some of my friends have to sit in the gym that has 527 desks exactly (I counted) 😂 and I just makes it so stressful for them. Also in my school we have tutorial thing that are mandatory and if we don’t go there is a risk that they won’t let us write the exam and we automatically go to SUMMER SCHOOL!!!

    And that is the story of high school

  3. My biology teacher always ask us to write a promise to never cheat with our God name written, I could say it is super effective here even the most rebellious student's doesn't stray away from their religion 😉

  4. I do not have problems with cheating. All public government exams are memory tests when they are closed-book exams. Go private correspondence!!! Online distance schools are better and promote open-book tests because reading, writing, and comprehension are more important!!! So much for public government schools!!!
    -RH, BA York University 1994, Minimum-wage security guard. So much for public schools with my minimum-wage job and a public college degree!!!

  5. How my school prevents cheating in exams is that if someone is caught talking then that person's paper will be disqualified and they'll get a U as their grade and they'll be sent to isolation for the rest of the day

  6. Very sad! If they only put all that effort into, learning to teach in various ways, so that students who don't learn one way have a chance to get the information in another way. Who cares about cheating, it happens, I would rather, a teacher or a school, work hard to really teach the materials and have a student master these skills, and know how to use them appropriately and efficiently.

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