January 27, 2022

28 thoughts on “Hack Maths Questions || Maths Cheat Codes || Roshan

  1. B̊̊̊h̊̊̊å̊̊ẙ̊̊ẙ̊̊å̊̊ m̊åi̊n̊s̊ l̊o̊ 150 p̊l̊ůs̊ r̊åv̊ål̊ån̊t̊e̊ ån̊i̊ o̊k̊å v̊e̊d̊i̊o̊ c̊h̊r̊ẙẙåv̊å😔😔

  2. Hi anna
    Anna one request from 9th to 14th Ts eamcet exam questions from each shift
    With your shortcut and guessing tricks solve chesi same day videos upload chey please
    If not on same day atleast on next day but please solve all questions of one complete shift please anna.

  3. 👋 bro this are as usually super as before

    Our request is that please solve every question of Ts eamcet 2020 September 9,10,11,14 with your super tricks and upload video on the same day of exam as like as vedantu,resonance,akash e.tc...
    It would be very helpful for us and it is request of not only mine but all your subscribers


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