January 27, 2022

42 thoughts on “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: All Cheat Codes For PS4, Xbox & Switch!

  1. The only downsides is that you won’t get any coins, you can’t unlock N. Tropy and also in the ps1 game you could put in multiple codes but however in the nitro fueled game you’re allowed to put in only ONE cheat code at a time so if you want to put in another code you need to disable the current cheat code by clicking on adventure mode and saying yes to confirm disability

  2. Yo so how did this work?
    So when CTRNF first came out there wasn't as many tracks as there is now. Do you think people unlocked N. Tropy before the new maps came out? Or how did that work. Was he locked again when the maps came out?

  3. No matter what I do, holding the bumpers or not, the game doesn’t register that I’m putting in a cheat. It just goes everywhere like I’m pressing the buttons regularly. Help?

  4. None of these cheats work, I'm punching them in as shown and its not working. Jesus Christ this is aggravating 😡. The only 2 that work is to unlock the hidden character and to unlock the infinite number of wumpa fruits, thats it.

  5. The switch version seems to be incredibly picky with what codes work. The 1-lap race, infinite bombs and super engine work, but even they only work one at a time. The rest are duds. I was hoping to get at least the super turbo pads and unlimited turbos to work so I could unlock the skins faster, but nope. I guess the 1-lap races help somewhat.


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