November 28, 2021

49 thoughts on “Fortnite Pros RAGE at Rise of Cheaters as Anti Cheat Fails (Sway, Clix, Cloakzy)

  1. I see like 5+ hackers a day epic doesn't care it has a worse anti cheat than bo2 it's annoying I report them epic doesn't care they made their money already they don't care

  2. I’m 33 use to play Halo competitively quit playing games u til Fortnite came out. Started season two thanks to my step son and it was the greatest game I have ever played in my life. I left Fortnite for good in Season 11. It all started with the black hole and how they handled that so poorly then the game was worse then before the black hole. The biggest things for me was merging or vaulting weapons that have been there since day 1 and had ZERO problems then they would in some cases bring the weapon back then take it away or nerf it again. On top of that craziness they decided to start changing the entire map instead of doing 1/4th of the map changing at a time. They took out a staple of the game with Tilted Towers like they did to the guns And every time something amazing is introduced it’s taken away or nerfed. They took away a staple in the game which are Traps. Took and Tilted for Old Town with no building which turned out to be super cool then took that away too. On top of everything they have messed up Shotguns since Season 4 taking away the pump one shot to the head for 249. They don’t know what they are doing or who to listen to. They had me putting in 6 hours a night after work and now I don’t play at all ever. They could get me back if they reverted back to pre Season 10 and admitted they messed things up. Besides that I’m done for good. It was fun while it lasted

  3. What competitve integrity its a child's game. What you expect lol. Reason why I quit after season 6. Game has no skill involved. With the bloom spam build and cheating.

  4. Another problem is these "pros" think they are so good that when a amazing play happens they are quick to say" they are cheating" or " my ping was high at that moment" always a excuse with pros and streamers. Fortnite ultimately needs to fix this.

  5. 1. BR’s competitive aspect is low. Way harder to cast 2. You can manipulate video settings to see through texture (poor settings => not render) – same situation happens in PUBG. 3. There’s always some underage teens out there will be better at the game so don’t expect consistency out of matured players to be always better than fast reaction time. It is a game

  6. 4:28 even if at pro lvl u look at the sound of ppl landing.. that full on headshot preaim is just platant obvious.. like epic pull the trigger… and gfet anti cheat on a next lvl

  7. This is every fuckin game tho. I think companies should hire people who make hacks to help beef up their Anti cheat. Or at least give money to those find and report any holes in their Anti cheat

  8. The only way to stop people teaming is to give them permenant bans for competitive events. Or a permenant hardware ban, then top players will think twice about it

  9. Epic isn’t going to spend anymore money on anti cheat because as much as all these players complain, they’re still playing the game daily for hours and hours and spending money in the item shop…

  10. Ok some of those shots are like wow he’s def cheating. But others they could have the sound guides on which in that case puts footprints right where they could be. Like the last clip w the aug. he probably knew he was there bc of footprints. The first guy though w the hunting rifle seems sus. Dubsfn

  11. Please everyone vote for Jake at the eSports awards. I’m a bit late but please, I love my boy H3cz but Jake really just grinding out here and he deserves everything.

  12. Hey jake… so im a full time streamer. I do have a day job selling hurricane windows and doors but after those 8 hours I stream my solo fortnite pro quals. Also play duos and sqauds with fans. Im only at 60k followers but ill tell you this Jake… my best friend IRL just died from covid-19 and I've been so heart broken. He was even a huge part of my stream and scrim partner. I'm so broken right now. We already knew in contender league cheating was a big issue with so many kids not going to school and home all day learning hex edits and building custom cheat software that is private and only actived to your pc and Mac. Making it impossible to be detected because of this and his death ive went dark for 3 weeks on twitch and all socials. Fortnite needs to fix this because nothing will ever be the same. From season 1 to my friends death. This person is a mutual friend with turner "tfue" . I have nobody left and feel so lost. I may come back tomorrow. If anyone wants to help me get through this please show me some support. My twitch is shiftyrightnow, I want to continue grinding but feel lost and hurt and it feels pointless now with all the hackers. Stop modifications to the games raw hexadecimal. This isn't Socom 2 on ps4 with GameShark or codemagic. Btw if you want to talk to a original gamehax, socomjunky code breaker who hacked hex for csgo and socom hit me up. I have the inside scoop on all these guys and believe me jake myg0t is still active and alive in deep discord servers. Thanks for reading this post if you did. Much love ❤💯

  13. It is never going to end why bother with it. Any online game is always going to have cheaters, gank squads, hackers. We are in a pandemic maybe people are finally snapping. But there is always, no matter how far in the future you go with updates and quality this will always happen.

  14. bro don't try to justify cheating as an "age thing" or say you might fall into that trap. That's bs, these kids know what they are doing and if they see this they might be like "see! it makes sense for kids to cheat."

    Cmon man, edit out that last part. Was totally unnecessary

  15. Hold on a second, doesn’t Fortnite have a replay available after a match? This would ID anyone cheating. I’ve been MIA from that game ever since Apex Legends became my regular go to.


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