November 28, 2021

36 thoughts on “GTA V – Superman Cheats! Exploring Cheat Codes & More

  1. Hey Alex there is this channel on YouTube called 3manbroadcast and he has these two what if battles I saw. One was ssj3 Vegeta vs Super buu ( gohan absorbed) and he said the Vegeta would win. The next one is super trunks vs ssj3 Goku and his thinks that super trunks would win or has a good chance of Win. I think that he is out of his mind. Can you educate this man? What does everyone else think?

  2. Super saiyan 2 Gogeta vs baby do u think Gogeta would win if he was super saiyan 2 think about Gogeta as a super saiyan jameniba beat a full power super saiyan 3 without a sweat then Gogeta came and demolished him as a super saiyan if he fought baby like this he would lose but if he was super saiyan 2 it would be a get battle:me
    Yes it would be a good fight in fact i'm going to do a what if battle of super saiyan 2 Gogeta vs super baby :ALEX
    Thanks bro love yo vids :me


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