January 27, 2022

25 thoughts on “Is This CS:GO Cheating Scandal Finally Over?

  1. dude admitted and has his punishment reduced to 8 months and after that he would be join Astralis taking Zonic spot as a coach. but he decided end his own career and tarnish his own reputation by betrayed his team's trust, and also doubling it down by attempting to take the whole down with him

  2. In my opinion, if players knew, they shouldve reached out to ESIC. I dont see why they shouldnt've. I feel like they should also receive punishment, and I dont care if this would be as light as niko's. but the fact that nobody of Heroic got punished is weird imo

  3. I know this guy looked like he was trying to break his neck off in older vids with the dramatic head tilting but looking at the chair, is the entire scene increadibly skewed just to make the severe head tilt go away? We're nearing 90 degrees

  4. Hunden is just digging himeslf a hole at this point. i mean, exploiting someone's mental setbacks? really? as someone with ADD i really think thats fucked up- especially considering its a fucking video game

  5. It’s impossible that the players did not know what was going on. How are people actually defending this group of players? I personally hope they crash out of the Major and in every subsequent tournament and then disband. It’s nothing less than what they deserve

  6. So basically what they want us to believe is when hunden was cheating he wasnt relaying information to them? So why was he cheating then? Oh thats right to give information to the other team gotcha

  7. Heroic = Cheater team

    Imagine getting your coach busted for bug exploiting and still work with him as an "analyst" 😂😂😂 CSGO lost all its integrity

  8. guys, i read lots of comments of people truly believing that the Heroic players were not involved. I have a question for you guys, has any one of you even played counter strike? How the fuck can a whole team not know someone is cheating when HE'S GIVING FUCKING INFORMATION REGARDING THE POSITIONS OF PLAYERS THAT NO PLAYERS IN HEROIC TEAM WERE FUCKING AWARE OF? I'm pretty sure he took the bullet for the org and those motherfuckers tried to get rid of him and that's where all the drama started… it's just so stupid to believe people were so ignorant to not know he was using that spectating bug.


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