January 27, 2022

34 thoughts on “Planet Coaster Cheat Codes

  1. Is there a way to keep vendors from leaving store? In sand box its very annoying when you are trying to build the park. The notice doesn't go to the shop so you constantly spend time looking for which shop has no vendor.

  2. love this game but i'm done building custom coasters.. they always "exceed the g force limits" .. unless i make a very tame ride they say this. i made a ride with ONE loop…. ONE loop and very smooth turns/banking and it still exceeded the limits… tired of wasting time building cool rides just to have nobody ride them, they should fix this or add an arcade mode, because the rides i'm making are very realistic and still somehow get deemed as too scary..

  3. I wish there was like a proper guest experience where you could walk around, go on rides, take a shit etc. It would be a great way to really understand what your park is like for guests

  4. just bought this for steam and it looks a LOT better then RCT3 i was a vet on that one and really liked it. so iam willing to give this a shot to see what its like. thanks for the cheat codes and vid becouse ill use them.

  5. I wish there was a cheat to increase prestige on a ride to attract more people to it also an option where you can play as your avatar and waunder around and go on whatever ride you want to.


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