January 27, 2022

48 thoughts on “This game is great if you cheat past the first 4 hours Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

  1. Jedi Academy is so much better as far as level design goes its insane and there is more force powers so its better. But this game hold so much nostalgia for me, but as he said the first 4h are straight up annoying (most of it). The first few are good and then the garbage city (forgot the real name) is the most annoying level in the history of videogames. The demo was great tho.

  2. Back at the highschool i played a lot dark forces 2: jedi knight too and was in a guild on msn zone in the late 90s. I remeber when this jk2: jedi outcast came out and it had an amazing saber gameplay: we had to wait 17 years until jedi fallen order to have an equivalent match.

  3. I've just been playing properly and I've been having a blast. I enjoyed the first few hours of the game thanks to great level design and pacing. I like how this games makes you work for your lightsaber and force powers.

  4. Played the first minutes of the game on Padawan setting. And its still hard to kill the stormtroopers because its hard to aim… i'll use the Cheats. Back in the days the Game was great and played many hours on the PC – thought aiming was a lot easier, wasn't it?

  5. I accept I may be in the minority but I actually really like the pre-lightsaber missions. Makes the lightsaber feel all the more deserved and anticipated once unlocked. Plus this game is a strong 1st person shooter in its own right imho.

  6. Coincidentally, I've been giving this another play through as well. It's still a great game and I agree 100% on the best saber combat ever.

  7. I can tell none of you have ever really gotten into the mindest of Kyle Katarn, a guy who gave up his lightsaber because he almost fell to the darkside. If you aren't playing this with blasters in the forefront and lightsaber as the afterthought for other enemies wielding a lightsaber you aren't playing Kyle right. He's just a guy with a lightsaber and few questions.

  8. If anything, the only level you need to skip is that horrible stealth section before you board the Doomgiver. I mean, you've been chewing up Stormtroopers and Reborn all throughout the game and an almost empty hanger was the part where Kyle decided not to go in all guns blazing!?

  9. Nah y'all are super wrong, the game has pacing and makes the lightsaber mean something when you finally do get it on Nar Shaddaa. Plus there are those dope Luke levels with cool level design and puzzles to represent Jedi training. The weapons and levels are still interesting in the early game. Literally just played it through this year on PC without cheats (excluding dismemberment)

  10. The common thing I keep hearing about this is basically "It's shit till you get your lightsaber" so, with the unlimited power that is hindsight, why the fuck is there ANYTHING before that then?

  11. after having played without the nostalgia goggles of my youth, 'cause i was YOUNG AS HECK when this game released, i have to agree. the FPS is a slog. the guns are supposed to feel like tools in a toolbox, when really, the force powers are, and the lightsaber is the grease gun, making it all work easier. the one time i felt that the guns were properly played to was with Nar Shadaa, but then, there wasn't as much use for the lightsaber. WHICH YOU CAN LOSE BTW. if you throw the saber at an enemy, and they duck round a corner, and you try to catch them with it, it could get stuck behind a wall, and drop to the floor. with 2002 rendering it was easy to not be able to see on the ground.

  12. The first 4 hours just make it that much better when you get a lightsaber; a bit of crawling through mud to make you appreciate what you what be are the make what you dad.

  13. Come join the PC JK2 Community! Make sure you download JK2MV so you can play all game versions (1.2, 1.3 & 1.4) The game is still active in 1.2 and 1.4!!!!!!

  14. OMG, this actually saved the game for me. Thank You!

    To be clear: While paused, you press D-Up, D-Down, Left Joystick, Right Joystick, Left Joystick.

    That activates the cheat menu and allows you even put on God mode. The other guns are also way better than the stormtrooper gun you get.

    You can also replenish ammo there, so feel free to unload all you want, because aiming is hard.

  15. I have to disagree about the first two levels. Yes, they are a bit of a slog, but that only makes it so much better when you finally get your lighsaber. You have to work for that baby!

  16. worth pointing out that the sequel to this is releasing in 2020 and has online multiplayer. chances are they probably just didnt want to support the online servers for this if people were just gonna move to the newer game's multiplayer as soon as it releases. jedi academy has FAR more diverse lightsaber combat anyways. only reason to get this is for nostalgia.

  17. Couldn't disagree more with this review. The first few levels are incredible, if you like Star Wars and the dark atmospheric of the Imperials then you'll feel like you're there from the opening cut scene. I love the blaster battles, the different weapons you can use which all have an alternative firing modes and the chaos of big gunfights.
    This is probably the best Star Wars game series out currently, Jedi Academy is just as fun! Give me a remastered version on PC and I'll give you all my money.


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