November 28, 2021

30 thoughts on “Twitch Partner Hacking !!! And why the Ricochet Anti Cheat is nothing more than an EQU 8 Rebrand

  1. And to top it off there are currently atleast 50 gamebreaking glitches thruout vanguards MP across all maps? Not even zombies (which is just kinda expected with zombies even activision said its part of the fun of zombies) but when u can basically load into a hard point game thats half done and u can still drop a nuke there's something seriously wrong.. the game needs to be scraped and rebuilt with a fkn anticheat already built into it for that game only n it needs to be for the coders eyes only who's monitored

  2. When r ppl gonna realize the "anticheat" is a fkn placebo effect… if u got hackers in ur alpha,beta,at launch and still there there is no hope.. activision said and I quote that the anticheat would be live for vanguard launch and not another word was said about it until ppl started noticing all the hackers in the anticheat launched vanguard. And then oh no no no it will be live when the new map launches.. its them trying to buy themselves time.. am i the only one that noticed that when the anticheat coding "got leaked " it conveniently was leaked on purpose by activision? U believe that then here i got a $1 thats worth $1 million dollars and ill sell it to u for $ 20k smh

  3. I would say the game play looks like biffle but when your cheating, the game play kind of all looks the same. Richocet would have to very very sophisticated to even put a dent in the cheating issue in war zone-cod. I ran mods years ago to try and understand them, see games in different wats, met some shady characters over the years and they are very confident richocet cannot handle some of these menus. But thanks for the video. Keep up the great work.

  4. How bout avoiding software cheats and just get Cronus max. Mutex and Zlaner uses it, and they both seem to still be gaming. Zlaner isn't gaming on his main account on Halo because i bet Halo detected his Cronus and banned him for using it.

  5. What's up man, it's the west virginia boy…. been binge watching your videos and man people really need to get you in the spotlight…bbb sounds well "special", headband is just trying to get Xanax reup money… YOU SIR ARE THE ONE TO REALLY BREAK THIS STUFF DOWN


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