January 27, 2022

27 thoughts on “Canelo Alvarez on Plant’s Drug Cheat & MF’er comments, Jake Paul, Jermall Charlo The Last Stand

  1. it is funny how the ignorant people are and say he ducks good fighters, since the belts he took from were some undefeated champions. Way to go and disrespect those champions, because after the fights they had a new level of respect for Canelo. And you are right racism is not dead, if this were a white or black this type of hating would not exist….How it pains to people to see a Mexican at the top…

  2. Canelo is on the juice. All the guys in the Canelo training camp are on steroids. The fans know. He failed drug test. From lt weight to light heavyweight lol liar cheater bum… his trainer is a punk

  3. I can't believe that Alvarez and Plant think we are fooled by their incredibly transparent, pro-wrestling type crap talking. I hope they sold a few extra tickets and pay-per-views after selling out for it like they did.

  4. His English is coming on strong just stumbled across this channel and subscribed great content he's unbeatable at this point gonna watch this fight for sure. Hi from Newcastle upon Tyne UK.


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