November 28, 2021

32 thoughts on “Dana White on Jon Jones’ UFC 200 potential anti-doping violation

  1. That is some bullshit I am very angry right now I was looking very forward to this match and I'm sure everybody in these comments are very angry and upset you wait to tell us this now in the UFC fight is in a few days you guys make me sick

  2. I was going to pay for the fight, now there no need ill just stream it now, fuck this bullshit Brock steroid gets a 4 month exemption but John fails the same week of his fight with OSP. honestly i would be surprise if Dana did this because he paid Brock 10million and doesn't want to pay Daniel or Jones PPV points he had to figure out how he could save money because of all the PPV points he was going to have to pay ALDO EDGAR—TATE NUNEZ and Brock he was going to have to pay points

  3. It's sad this fight won't happen because he has a substance abuse problem. Let's not get to caught up in that though the real victim's are his 4 daughter's.He's gonna have to explain this to them.

  4. With main events 196-200 all being scraped its time to assign a stand in fighter to train and prepare to come in at the last moment. A good alternate fighter for this would have been Gustafsson.


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