November 28, 2021

38 thoughts on “Jake Paul Steroids Results Released! Did He Do It?

  1. JP is a bit of a genius, I was a hater but he's a different guy these days. I like what he's been doing, and as I said he would – he has bit by bit become more "Disney" which has helped his popularity. I don't think he has done PEDs.

  2. Just watch the before and after photos of Jake paul from few years ago to now

    Speaks for itself folks

    Steroids don’t turn a regular guy to superhuman. Just makes them better.

    It’s obvious he’s on something folks. He failed the eye test. You don’t need to be ripped up cheat

  3. "I'm not gonna say it"
    (whispers) "I'm definitely saying it"
    Also tyron said the "testing" that they specifically received was like fake. Idk what to make from that but yea

  4. I don’t find it at all impressive that he’s on a winning streak. A YouTuber, a basketball player, 2 mma fighters? All people who don’t have any experience or good basics. People are building him up as if he’s the next Tyson. Wtf. It’s annoying. Not hating. Just annoying. It’s like watching that guy in class who cheated on a test and made a 100 brag about it.

  5. Firas’s comment was about how Jake’s gained so much muscle while doing such a cardio heavy sport. Also he mentioned how power is largely genetic and Jake’s gone from his first fight (not much power) to one punch knockouts.

  6. Thank you for realizing these athletes don’t just take PEDS to get jacked a boxer would probably want to use something that would help them produce more power, recovery or even a PED that would give him better endurance

  7. Jake is just a middle of the road amateur boxer. It also goes to show that with hard work, training, and dedication, anybody willing to put in the effort can learn the skills and box just as good.

  8. this was a great breakdown. i don't think he did it either, their family are just naturally big and tall. but what you said in the middle was more important: he is a guy who can create his own gym anywhere, have access to the best nutritionists, coaches, highest level boxers as his sparring partners and just have a load of money to take every single treatment to enhance his body, and he's also relatively very young, so his body still has room to grow and become stronger. and it makes sense that in these 3 years he could grow to such proportions.

    but it still baffles me as to how is he such a bad boxer with so many resources at his disposal, that he couldn't at least stay competitive against a washed up tyron woodley (i love tyron, but its just a fact) at his 40s who was away from MMA for years after a losing streak, and is now preparing to box a 23 year old kid at his prime, and jake is even heavier and taller than tyron. i'd say Jake definitely does not have the natural talent of a fighter. and he felt it after the fight with tyron, thats why he lowkey kept saying "i wonna retire i wonna retire", here and there !

  9. Lol, early in the vide- "I'm not going to give my opinion, were just going to dive into the facts."
    End of video-"In my opinion, no, I dont believe Jake Paul was using PED's.'" "So thats all guys, thanks for tuning in for another episode of Roundhouse Radio."

  10. "His legs weren't there."

    Like Bisping said, it was probably just nerves.

    It goes without saying, that if he hasn't been on PEDS, he should get way more respect than if he was on them.

  11. I dont want jp to fail .i just want guys like woodly who should beat him to beat him .none of it adds up .may weather did not finish his brother because he is about puting on a show .but woody could of easly won

  12. For sure jake feel the power and started being really defensive and box for point while Woodley should had pressure more and go for the kill after he landed that good hit on jake.
    I'm more surprised on jake gas tank he kept saying he can go 12 rounds.

  13. People are so dumb. You know you can be on peds for 90% of the year and take a break before the fight so you piss clean. Even if you’re not on it on the day/ week of the fight you’ll be wayy stronger having took it at all. 85% of ALL pro athletes are on PEDS

  14. Thanks, This was actually very educational and it helped me learn a lot more than I did before about PEDs. Now I understand why people were saying he's on PEDs.


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