January 27, 2022

13 thoughts on “Steroids and Roid Rage

  1. I’m on Test for like 6 months and right now and I feel angry 😀 from out out of nowhere like extreme aggression like I need to punch a punching bag and wrestle lol I hate it!

  2. I've always been a shy person and I took steroids a couple years ago and just every thing that people said or did pissed me tf off and I got into arguments over literally nothing on a daily basis. Ik that's not roid rage but it made me a person I'm not and I guess that means deep down I'm an asshole who hates life.

  3. Lolz :). Everyone has a level of natural steroids, even females. The more steroid, the higher the testosterone level. The higher the testosterone, the more tempermental the subject. How do you not know this lol πŸ™‚ ?

  4. I think the whole " Roid Rage " thing is total BS ! Some people use it as an excuse for bad behavior . If someone is a belligerent bully jerk ,they are always going to be that way whether they use gear or not . What ever happened to personal responsibility and accountability ?

  5. Why don't we make a video that says all the things that testosterone does conclusively do that are terrible for you such as cardiomyopathy benign prostate hypertrophy he increased LDL levels male pattern baldness gynecomastia. Increase testosterone levels obviously increases aggression but even if you don't believe that there's still a bunch of fucking terrible shit that it does to you.

  6. Do you really think they have done controlled studies on long term steroid use? Do you have conclusive evidence that drastically altering your body chemistry doesn't cause problems? No it is all anecdotalΒ  I don't know if I have seen a video on this channel that is not about steroids.

  7. if you have a natural testosterone level (free testosterone) if over 700 or better 800 nanograms per decilitre, you are anabolic and you can build muscle from a workout to the next, but visible. the guyz with less testosterone will have to wait a few months for a little bit of muscle, and it's often a lot of fat from overeating. test first and doctor could prescribe if low…


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